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Discover Bermuda

July 20, 2017
Many people get nervous when they even consider thinking about traveling to Bermuda, because the first thing that comes to mind is the infamous Bermuda Triangle where everyone seems to get lost for all eternity.  However, thousands of people have been traveling to this island, whether by air or by sea for quite some time, and they have all arrived home safely.  

The entire Bermuda region was made up of volcanoes and while most people think of it as one place, it is actually comprised of 181 islands.  The largest island is the Main Island and it also goes by the name of Bermuda, so that is where everyone is thinking of when they talk about the country.  

Here are 5 things that everyone must see while in Bermuda:

1. The Unfinished Church

The people in St. George wanted to replace St. Peter’s Church back in 1870, but their planning was not as good as it should have been, because the new church is still unfinished today.  It has been stabilized enough so that people can walk through the inside, but everyone should be aware that the ceiling is simply the massive blue sky from above.  

2. Royal Naval Dockyard

This dockyard used to be where the Royal Navy had their home base, but it is now where the cruise ships dock when they are in port.  Along the marina, everyone will find restaurants, art galleries, shops, and even a pub or two selling pints of beer.  

3. Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo

This trifecta was opened back in 1926 and it is one of the oldest aquariums in the world.  The entire area is approximately seven acres and is filled with two hundred species of fish and three hundred birds, reptiles, and mammals.  At the museum, visitors can explore the exhibits while learning how Bermuda’s ecosystem has changed over the years.  

4. Crystal and Fantasy Caves

Imagine being Carl Gibbons and Edgar Hollis back in 1907 when they accidentally discovered these caves.  The insides of the caves are covered with crystal formations and they all surround a lake that is fifty-five feet deep.  Visitors can take a guided tour while walking along the bridges that go from one cave to the next.  

5. Port Royal Golf Club

Celebrities and the greatest golfers in the world all spend time at this golf course, so it is worth the expense for visitors to try their hand at a hole in one.  The course was originally built in 1970, but it was completely refurbished in 2009 with new irrigation, fairways, tee boxes, and even a grand clubhouse.  

No one should ever dismiss an idea of traveling to Bermuda, because the islands are the perfect place for some time in the sun.  People will find the majority of things to do on the Main Island, but everyone should also consider island hopping on occasion, so that they can experience the most that the entire country has to offer.